Sam Khalifa, Chris Callis, Elani Landman and Lume Landman battle through to take the NAO titles

“It’s a big achievement to win another title with Elani and even more special to overcome the hurdle of how to play together as a team”
– Lume Landman

I am thrilled with how Chris and I fought hard all weekend, we knew we would have to play our best every match in order to make it through! Thankfully, when you are playing with a partner of Callis’ caliber, you are inspired to fight for every point and give it your all. Huge thank you to Chris for carrying me all weekend and for all the coaching & advice between matches.

NAO is one of my favorite events on the calendar, and to be able to win it with Chris is truly surreal.

Lastly, a big thank you to all the sponsors, patrons and the exceptional pros (Scharff, Liam & Rod) for making this such a special event. I can’t believe I am saying this — but I look forward to defending our title next year!

– Sam Khalifa

“It is always special winning a title, but more sweet being able to share it with Lume.”
– Elani Landman

Would start off by thanking everyone at the three host clubs – Round Hill, GCC, and Field Club. Between the members and the pros, they always find a way to one up themselves year after year. These clubs are such a key part of the doubles community in America and everyone on tour is incredibly grateful for what they’ve done for our sport over the years.

Zac and James are two of the toughest competitors on tour and it took everything from us to edge them out last night. They always execute their game plan so well, and unfortunately for me a big part of the game plan was wearing me out!

Usually when you sign up for an event with a new partner you don’t expect to win the whole thing — especially when you have to play the guys we did this weekend. I’m so impressed with how well Sam played and especially how well he adjusted in the middle of matches when we didn’t have the momentum. He has all the talent in the world, but being able to grit out tough matches and adjust when things weren’t going our way was the real difference this weekend and just happy I had him on my side!
– Chris Callis

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