Event Promoters

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Event FAQ's

How many players will play my event?
The size of your tournament depends on a number of factors including draw size, timing, and location of your event. You can track entrants as they sign up in the Members section of the website.

Who is signed up to play in the pro-am?
SDA members agree to play in the pro-am, if asked, when they sign up for the event. Who plays in the pro-am is entirely up to you. You will be asked to provide details of the pro-am including number of participants, start and end times, and consolation information in advance of the event. We ask that you take into consideration as much as possible players’ main draw matches and commitments when scheduling pro-am play.

How much do I pay pro-am players?
Every pro-am varries on format and pro compensation. Tour regulations stipulate that SDA Pros participating in the pro-am must be compensated a minimum of $100 per match for main draw and consolation matches. We encourage pro-ams to include a bonus for winners of main draw and consolation.

How do I distribute pro and pro-am prize money?
All prize money is distributed by the SDA. Please make checks payable to SDA Pro Tour. All prize money must be submitted before the start of an event.

What if something goes wrong or I need help with my event?
Please don’t hesitate to contact the SDA with any questions or issues you may encounter leading up to your event. Additionally, the SDA provides an On-Site Rep at every ranking event. You will be contacted by the On-Site Rep leading up to your event, and you are encouraged to seek their assistance with any issues that may arise.

Can I run a pro-am only event?
Yes! Please contact the Tour Director for information about sanctioning your event.

What ranking level pros can I expect?
Player participation varies greatly depending on location of the event and many other factors. Typically, higher prize money events and those that provide hotel and top notch hospitality can expect the highest ranked players. Lower prize money events have some restrictions on which SDA ranked players can participate:

• $5,000 Satellite – No top 16 players
• $10,000 Satellite – No top 12 players
• $15,000 Challenger – No top 8 players
• $20,000 Bronze – No top 4 players
• $25,000 and higher – No restrictions

Can non-SDA pros play in my event?
Each tournament has the option of entering one wildcard team per club in the qualifying of their event. The players will not be able to accept prize money unless they become full SDA members. Non-members are not permitted to play in sanctioned SDA events unless given a wildcard.