About the SDA Pro Tour

The Squash Doubles Association Pro Tour is the international organizing body for professional squash doubles.  The SDA Pro Tour, established in 2012 as the successor to the International Squash Doubles Association.

Board of Directors

Hameed Ahmed
Morris Clothier
Mark Dowley
Michael Letourneau
David Letourneau
Kevin Luzak (Chair)
Jimmy Mulvihill
John Russell
Steve Scharff

Women's Board of Directors

Danny Dolan
Latasha Khan
Narelle Krizek
Jaime Laird
Kevin Luzak (Chair)
Molly Pierce
Suzanna Pierrepont
Meredeth Quick

Disciplinary Committee

Preston Quick
Steve Scharff
Ben Gould
Latasha Khan



Suzie Pierrepont


SDA Pro Tour

Preston Quick

Tour Advisor

US Squash