Drexel Head Coach John White and Drexel Alum Lucas Rousselet took won their first SDA title at the Pittsburgh Golf Club.


It was great to get a double win in the Pro/am and pro draw, but even more special winning at the age of 50 and beating all those whipper snappers!
Partnering with Lucas was a lot of fun and brought back memories from when I used to coach him at Drexel.
It was a very enjoyable and really well run event. There were lots a newer players which was great to see and really shows the depth of the tour at the moment!
– John White
Amazing feeling to finally get my first title in doubles after losing 3 finals! Even better feeling to get it with my very old Drexel coach Whitey.
Pittsburgh is one of my favorite event on the calendar, such a great event where we feel so welcomed. Both Jim Shields and the members did a fantastic job!
It was great to see so many former college players signed up for this tournament and being able to compete with them again, I hope to see all of them signing up for more tournaments in the future!
– Lucas Rousselet
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