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March 2013 SDA Rankings

Rank Name Country Tournaments Average Previous Rank
1 Ben Gould Australia 8 2885.42 1
1 Damien Mudge Australia 8 2885.42 1
3 Clive Leach England 8 2322.92 3
3 Paul Price Australia 8 2322.92 4
5 Manek Mathur India 7 2058.00 5
5 Yvain Badan Switzerland 6 2058.00 6
7 Matt Jenson Australia 7 1630.00 7
7 Preston Quick U.S.A. 7 1630.00 8
9 John Russell England 6 1196.88 14
10 Greg McArthur Scotland 9 1193.75 15

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Mudge And Gould Sweep To David Johnson Memorial Crown

In an overpowering display of excellence, Damien Mudge and Ben Gould swept to victory without losing a game in the 65th annual edition of the David Johnson Memorial Invitational at Heights Casino in Brooklyn. Mudge, incredibly, has now won this event TWELVE straight years (six with Gary Waite and three each with Viktor Berg and now Gould) — nearly double the run by any other player in an SDA tournament — and he and Gould were aided by both history‚Äôs sustenance and a draw that enabled them to keep playing opponents coming off draining, route-going matches. Continue reading

Mudge And Gould Steamroll To Tompkins Invitational Title

Trailing 5-0 in the opening game against an opponent that had defeated them twice in a row last month, Ben Gould and Damien Mudge exploded on an 11-1 run and never looked back in a convincing 15-11, 8 and 8 victory over Paul Price and Clive Leach this evening in the final round of the $20,000 Tompkins Invitational before an appreciative crowd at the Racquet Club Of Philadelphia. Continue reading

February 2013 SDA Rankings

Name Nationality Rank Average Prev
Ben Gould Australia 1 2,885.42 1
Damien Mudge Australia 1 2,885.42 1
Clive Leach England 3 2,497.92 5
Paul Price Australia 4 2,318.13 7
Manek Mathur India 5 2,273.33 4
Yvain Badan Switzerland 6 2,158.00 3
Matt Jenson Australia 7 1,420.00 6
Preston Quick U.S.A. 8 1,290.00 10
Jonny Smith England 9 1,219.27 8
Mark Chaloner Grand Cayman 10 1,181.25 9

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Price And Leach Earn North American Open Doubles Crown

In a compelling display of confidence and control, Paul Price and Clive Leach surged to victory in the 29th edition of the North American Open Doubles this past weekend in Greenwich. After a straight-set quarterfinal win over Chris Walker and Mark Chaloner, Price and Leach duplicated the wins they had recorded in Boston two weeks earlier, out-playing first Damien Mudge and Ben Gould in the semis and then Manek Mathur and Yvain Badan by a 15-8 14-15 15-12 15-9 tally in the final. Continue reading