l-r: Andrew Cordova, Ed Garno, Justin Todd, Yvain Badan, Manek Mathur, Graham Bassett.
l-r: Andrew Cordova, Ed Garno, Justin Todd, Yvain Badan, Manek Mathur, Graham Bassett.

The second annual SDA Awards concluded with a surprise presentation of Tournament of the Year to Andrew Cordova and the Maryland Club Open for the second consecutive year.

The awards were voted on by the tour professionals and presented during an on-court ceremony in between semifinals during the Maryland Club Open.

“I feel so honored to be on court with these gentlemen,” said Cordova as he accepted the award on court to a standing ovation. ” We have the finest sport in the world, the best spectators in the world, and some of the finest athletes in our game here so this is a great honor.”

“Sponsors, staff, friends, everyone is family here. Everyone at this club makes this tournament a priority, so you’re just seeing really good teamwork and dedication from our staff and supporters so I’m proud to accept this honor on behalf of everyone.”

World No. 3 collected the highest player accolades, being voted both the Player of the Year and one half of the team of the year, along with long-time partner Yvain Badan.

Mathur & Badan enjoyed a breakout season last year winning the Putnam Pro-Am, North American Open and Baltimore Cup.

Mathur, who has partnered with world No. 2 Damien Mudge this season, made the final in ten of twelve tournaments last season and is considered the hardest-hitting player on tour.

Canada’s Justin Todd was named Rookie of the Year. The west-coast -based player notched nine wins in his first season and rose to world No. 25 by February 2016.

Ed Garno was voted both Most Improved Player and presented the Sportsmanship Award. Last season, Garno reached the semis of the Graham Company Cup and won the R & T Challenger.

2015-2016 SDA Awards:

Tournament of the Year: Maryland Club Open
Team of the Year: Manek Mathur & Yvain Badan
Player of the Year: Manek Mathur
Most Improved Player: Ed Garno
Sportsmanship Award: Ed Garno
Rookies of the Year: Justin Todd

Watch the awards ceremony below.

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