Biennial Kellner Cup Returns to NYC; Live Stream Select Matches

One of the highest prize money events on the SDA Pro Tour, the biennial $50,000 Kellner Cup, returns to its perennial home in New York City this weekend at the Racquet & Tennis Club, University Club and Union Club.

Four qualifying draws kick off Thursday evening to complete the full sixteen-team main draw, which will be contested over four days at the three host venues. Select matches will be live streaming on Thursday, Friday, Sunday and Monday, and all matches live scoring throughout the weekend on

The team of the season so far, world No. 1 Manek Mathur & world No. 2 Damien Mudge, lead the draw as the top seeds in search of their eighth title of the season in their ninth tournament. Mudge is in search of his tenth Kellner Cup title since 2000, which would be with his fourth partner.

Two seeds Yvain Badan & Mike Ferreira will hope to earn their third title of the season, which would be their first since November’s PDC Cup. The joint world No. 3’s handed Mathur & Mudge their only loss of the season at the Maryland Club Cup in October.

Australian four seeds Matt Jenson & Scott Arnold are predicted to challenge the top seeds in the semifinals, but face a difficult first-round match against the breakout team of the season, Bobby Burns & James Bamber.

Two weeks after claiming the Tompkins Cup with Bernardo Samper, world No. 10 Chris Callis returns to his partnership with world No. 9 Jonny Smith as the three seeds.

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Samper Takes Birthday Spoils With Callis in Tompkins Cup

(l-r): Mike Ferreira, Yvain Badan, Rob Whitehouse, Chris Callis, Bernardo Samper.

Colombia’s Bernardo Samper earned his second SDA Tour title of the season during the weekend of his thirty-fifth birthday with first-time partner Chris Callis in the Tompkins Cup final Monday night at Racquet Club of Philadelphia.

Samper, who reached the final of the 2015 Tompkins Cup with Baset Chaudhry, went one better after joining forces with Callis. Samper & Callis, the two seeds, got off to a running start with a three-game opening win over Travis Judson & Parth Sharma, but found themselves one game away from elimination in the semifinals when three seeds Imran Khan & Greg Park earned a 2-0 lead. Samper & Callis recovered to reach the final with an emphatic fifth game 11-15, 10-15, 15-9, 15-12, 15-5.

“All credit to Imran and Greg in the semis,” Samper said. “They completely outplayed us in the first two games. We found our length on the third game, which gave us more openings to attack. I knew Chris and I were keeping ourselves mentally tough through the hard rallies and that was going to pay off. There was just a good energy between us.”

In the top half of the draw, one seeds Mike Ferreira & Yvain Badan also needed five games to get past four seeds John Russell & Raj Nanda in the semis, holding off the comeback on simultaneous match ball 15-13, 15-12, 11-15, 11-15, 15-14.

A close final Monday night saw Samper & Callis claim two simultaneous game balls in the first and final fourth game to win the title 15-14, 7-15, 15-10, 15-14.

“The final could’ve been any direction,” Samper said. “We just managed to play better the last rally of each game. Taking the third game was crucial. It was a great final and I respect Yvain and Mikey on and off the court, so for this reason it was my best win so far.”

The Tompkins Cup, which has previously been held biennially as a full ranking event in 2013, 2015, marked its largest prize money fund in 2017 with $25,000.

“Losing in the final in 2015 and coming back this year with a new partner and on my birthday was just very special,” said Samper, who adds the Tompkins title to his 2017 Missouri Athletic Club Open title. “Thank you Chris for hanging in there with me. Hopefully next year I can come back to another final.”

Samper & Callis will enter the next SDA Tour calendar event, the biennial $50,000 Kellner Cup, on different teams, April 20-24.

April 2017 Rankings

1-Apr Name Country Tournaments Average 1-Mar
1 Manek Mathur India 9 3885.417 1
2 Damien Mudge Australia 9 3791.667 2
3 Mike Ferreira England 8 3066.667 4
3 Yvain Badan Switzerland 9 3066.667 3
5 Viktor Berg Canada 8 2300.000 5
6 Scott Arnold Australia 8 2222.917 7
7 Matt Jenson Australia 8 2106.250 8
8 John Russell England 8 2070.833 10
9 Jonny Smith England 11 2046.429 9
10 Chris Callis U.S.A. 7 2035.000 6
11 Baset Chaudhry Pakistan 10 1642.857 11
12 Bernardo Samper Colombia 9 1604.167 12
13 Raj Nanda Australia 8 1505.208 13
14 Greg Park U.S.A. 10 1425.446 15
15 Clive Leach England 7 1360.625 17
16 Imran Khan U.S.A. 8 1334.375 16
17 Bobby Burns U.S.A. 8 1150.521 23
18 Will Mariani Canada 6 1131.875 19
19 Freddie Reid Canada 13 1130.556 18
20 Andres Vargas Colombia 12 1114.453 20


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Largest Graham Company Cup Attracts First-Time Champions Mathur & Mudge


For the first time in the Graham Company Cup’s eighteen years, the tournament elevated its prize money to the $25,000 SDA Silver level, opening the event up to the tour’s top teams including world No. 1 and world No. 2 Manek Mathur & Damien Mudge, who recorded a seventh consecutive title this weekend at the Germantown Cricket Club in Philadelphia.

For the second consecutive tournament, the top seeds did not drop a game on the way to claiming a seventh title out of eight tournaments this season.

The twelve-team main draw played out according to seeding with the top four teams progressing to the semifinals. While Mathur & Mudge needed just three games against four seeds Raj Nanda & Clive Leach to reach the final, two seeds John Russell & Yvain Badan came back from 2-1 down to beat three seeds Johnny Smith & Chris Callis in five games.

In the final, Mathur & Mudge fired their way to their inaugural Graham Company Cup title 15-8, 15-10, 15-13.

The Graham Company Cup was the first SDA event in a month since Mathur & Mudge claimed the Johnson Memorial title in February—also without dropping a game.

“Tough to say we picked up where we left off after the Johnson, but we were definitely working on using our positive momentum as we head into this event,” Mathur said. “Damien came in this weekend so strong and it showed throughout the weekend. He makes the court so small, for me on the left too! It’s incredible to be out there with him and watch him do his thing.”

Both Mathur & Mudge made their Germantown debut thanks to the increased prize money in 2017.

“I have never played at Germantown and was excited to be there,” Mathur said. “It’s home to a lot of good squash players and was extremely glad that they raised the prize money to make it a major event. It’s a very unique club with a lot of history and for sites like that to take the next step is a great place for our tour to be in.”

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Watch Graham Company Cup replays below.

March 2017 Rankings

1-Mar Name Country Tournaments Average 1-Feb
1 Manek Mathur India 8 3885.417 1
2 Damien Mudge Australia 8 3791.667 2
3 Yvain Badan Switzerland 8 3066.667 3
4 Mike Ferreira England 10 3000.000 4
5 Viktor Berg Canada 8 2300.000 5
6 Chris Callis U.S.A. 7 2280.000 6
7 Scott Arnold Australia 8 2222.917 8
8 Matt Jenson Australia 9 2156.250 9
9 Jonny Smith England 10 2046.429 10
10 John Russell England 8 1950.000 7
11 Baset Chaudhry Pakistan 10 1642.857 13
12 Bernardo Samper Colombia 9 1604.167 14
13 Raj Nanda Australia 7 1556.250 12
14 Jacques Swanepoel South Africa 7 1547.500 16
15 Greg Park U.S.A. 9 1462.500 15
16 Imran Khan U.S.A. 7 1395.000 17
17 Clive Leach England 6 1316.875 11
18 Freddie Reid Canada 15 1160.000 25
19 Will Mariani Canada 6 1131.875 20
20 Andres Vargas Colombia 13 1112.847 18


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